Score Rental Rates: Choirs and Choruses

Score rentals are charged on a weekly basis for performance weeks only. The weekly rate does not apply to rehearsal weeks. Scores are made available at no charge for two months prior to the performance. Scores must be returned to us no later than 7 days following your final performance. All shipping costs are paid by the producer.

All scores rent at the same rate: $10/performance week. 

The following scores are available: 

Vocal Scores (for your actors/singers)

Piano/Vocal Score (for your pianist and musical director)

Orchestra Parts: Bass, Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Flute  Guitar, Harp, Horn, Oboe, Trombone, Trumpet 1 & 2, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Keyboard, Keyboard Alt., Percussion, Percussion Alt., and Conductor’s Score.

Words-only librettos (for your director and stage manager). These are sold (not rented) for $15/each. They do not have to be returned.

Director’s Bible: for concert presentations.

Concert presentations of King Island Christmas work best when they focused by a director so that the audience can follow the story. We have developed a simple set of instructions to help you do this. The Director’s Bible was developed specifically for concert presentations and has been tested before thousands of audience members. Staging and seating charts are included along with instructions on when chorus members should stand, sit and move. The Director’s Bible rents for $10/performance week.