What People Are Saying About King Island Christmas

“Delicious, enchanting and very moving.” — Isobel Robbins Konecky, Theatrical Producer, NYC

King Island Christmas is a delightful evening of theatre and song which reminds us of the importance of togetherness and community.” — Fran Ulmer, Lt. Governor of the State of Alaska

“I think the performance was something I shall remember forever. It was, in a word, perfect.”— Susan Hirschman, Senior VP, Greenwillow Books

King Island Christmas is something I will always remember. I put the cassette on in my car stereo and sang along all the way home after the show. If you hear of a delusional Missouri librarian being arrested for uninhibited singing in her car, it will be me – doing King Island Christmas.” — Lynn Silence, St. Louis, MO

“My daughter (and her friends) can’t wait to grow a little bigger and be the Oomiak in King Island Christmas!” — E. Brown, NYC audience member

“’Over the Mountain’ from King Island Christmas transformed the stage at the Duke Children’s Classic Celebrity Show. This powerful piece played an important role in our philanthropy efforts to help make the Children’s Hospital a reality. Thank you for this gift.”— Wanda Edwards, Director, Special Projects, Duke Children’s Hospital

King Island Christmas is the next ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’. I can’t stop singing the songs from the show!”— Ken Takehisa, NYC audience member

“When you go to King Island Christmas, try not to fall off your seat when the music turns on. You will love what you hear. It is all pure musical energy.” — Jay Crondall, Juneau, Alaska audience member

“I cannot remember being more touched and inspired than when I saw King Island Christmas. Everyone needs to experience it and renew their lives.”— Crystal Jeter, American Library Assoc. Philadelphia, PA

“… King Island Christmas is truly the outstanding holiday release of the year, a mini-musical masterpiece. I’m sure this recording will become a regular holiday classic, together with the wonderful story.”— Ron Della Chiesa, WGBH Radio, Boston

King Island Christmas will become a Bill Miller Show Christmas MUST every year into the new millennium. My show just got a breath of fresh air thanks to a great cast and the incomparable Peter Matz. Thanks for King Island Christmas.” — Bill Miller, Bill Miller Show (Syndicated in 155 cities)

King Island Christmas is perfect listening for the entire family.” — Michael Anthony, WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, NY

“Go to see King Island Christmas. What a wonderful way to prepare your hearts for Christmas.”— Rev. Greg Lindsay, Northern Lights United Church, Juneau, Alaska

“… it’s simply one of the most moving, uplifting holiday oratorios ever written. It is never preachy: the lessons we learn from these simple villagers are basic and civilized. It is a spiritual play without being directly religious, and destined to be a classic holiday show.”— The Daily News Lender, Staunton, VA