Community Building with King Island Christmas

King Island Christmas is an uplifting story about the power of community that creates significant community-building benefits for producing organizations. Different organizations came together to co-produce King Island Christmas in these communities:

Juneau, Alaska

Four arts groups collaborated to put on the biggest King Island Christmas ever. A co-production between Perseverance Theatre, a professional theatre company and three community arts groups, the Alaska Youth Choir, Juneau Lyric Opera and Juneau Symphony, this Alaskan production was done with a total of 120 musicians, actors and singers.

Paris, Texas

The librarians at the Echo County Library in Paris, Texas, produced King Island Christmas with The Globe Theatre.

St. Augustine, Florida

The St. John’s Public Library co-produced King Island Christmas in association with the Don Thompson Chorale and Flagler University.

Fairbanks, Alaska

This production was a collaboration between the Fairbanks Light Opera, Fairbanks Choral Society and the University of Alaska Music and Theatre Departments.

Eureka, California

The Oomiak Foundation, College of the Redwoods, Humboldt Light Opera and the HLO Kids Company co-produced King Island Christmas for two years running. Sixty singers from Humboldt County, California participated, raising over a quarter of a million dollars to provide travel assistance to children needing medical care outside of Humboldt County.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Community Building with King Island Christmas in Bartlesville, Oklahoma