Production Checklist


A Chorus

Every community has singers. They can be found in the choirs at local churches, in the music programs in your schools, or in other community organizations. Make a list of the musical resources in your community. Ask them to participate in your presentation.


The roles in King Island Christmas can be sung by local talent, or by professionals. If you’d like to bring in a Broadway performer to work with your local singers we can arrange that for you, too.


Every community has musicians. They can be found in your local symphony orchestra, as well as at local churches, schools and colleges. Make a list of the musical resources in your community. We can provide you with all the orchestral parts you need to do the show–from a single piano to 36 instruments.


If you’re doing a concert of King Island Christmas, it’s a good idea to put your chorus on risers so they can be seen by everyone in the audience. Please see “Seating Chart” below.

Chairs & Music Stands

For concert performances, each chorus member will need a chair and music stand.

Seating Charts

For concert presentations, these seating charts have been developed–and tested–before thousands of audience members. Seating charts:

Small Presentations
Large Presentations


You will need general amplification for your chorus, and individual microphones for your soloists. We can provide you with a master sound script, complete with sound cues, that can be used by your sound technicians.

Microphone Requirements


Lighting King Island Christmas can be as simple or as sophisticated as your resources will allow. A good, basic lighting design can be accomplished with a simple, general light plot. Some concert presentations have hired designers to create more elaborate designs as well, especially during the Northern Lights grand finale.

Candles with wax drip catchers

Each chorus member and soloist will need a candle with a wax drip catcher. These can be purchased through any church supply business. Make sure to check your local fire ordinances for specifications on the kinds of candles that can be used for public performances in your community.


There are several ways to costume your presentation. Because King Island Christmas is performed by a group of Christmas carolers who come to the theatre to sing the story, you can have everyone dressed in casual clothes suggestive of Christmas carolers such as hats, scarves, and sweaters. Some concert presentations have been done with everyone wearing red and green tops, with black pants and skirts to create a festive Christmas look. If you’re doing the performance in a church, the chorus can be dressed in choir robes. If you’re doing a staged version of the show, your soloists and chorus should be costumed as carolers, and not as the people of King Island. Usually, there is no cost to the producer for costumes, since the chorus members wear their own clothes.

Ads for newspapers

We can provide you with the artwork for newspaper ads.

Stage Director

Even for concert presentations, it is essential that you have a stage director to focus the story so that it can be followed by your audience. We have developed a stage director’s manual for your director to use. This manual has been developed and tested before multiple audiences. We can also provide you with the names of professional stage directors who can come to your community to direct your production of King Island Christmas.

Music Director

You will need a music director to rehearse the chorus and soloists.

Stage Manager

A well-organized stage manager is an essential element to a successful production.

Other producing organizations

King Island Christmas provides a great opportunity for collaboration and community building. It can also be very profitable when it is produced in collaboration with other organizations. You may want to consider joining forces with other groups in your community to produce a special holiday event of King Island Christmas. (please see Successful Co-Productions in drop down menu above).

Professional enhancement

You can also produce it in collaboration with us. We can help you enhance your production by booking Broadway singers to accompany your community chorus or professional stage directors to direct your production.

Performance License

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Musical scores

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